Sunday, 9 February 2014

Meal plan week commencing 10th February

Monday - Chicken, Broccoli and Blue Cheese pasta
Tuesday - Baked potatoes with Cheese, Baked beans and Ham
Wednesday - Chicken pie with Mash, gravy carrots and green beans
Thursday - Fish burgers in a wholemeal roll with a slice of melted cheese, chips and baked beans
Friday -  Daughter has a cooked school lunch,  I will have whatever leftovers there are.
Saturday - The bloke and I are out for dinner using a Living Social voucher for a local Caribbean restaurant Marinades, the daughter will be at a mates
Sunday - Roast pork with carrots, broccoli, roast pots, mash and Yorkshire pud.
I am on a mission to run down the freezer and pantry contents so all I will have to buy for the weeks dinners are garlic bread, potatoes, baked beans and milk. The rest I already have and breakfasts consist of cereal and toast, lunches of sandwiches and fruit

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